Online Travel Agents

If you are considering using a travel agent, online travel agents offer both benefits and hazards. The benefits of online travel agents are many including the following:

  • High prices – with all of the information out there on the Internet it is possible to find the best possible prices without the limitations of geography.
  • No time limits -with the 24/7 nature of the web finding great deals and working with an online travel agent can be done at any time of day or night. If you have young children and can only look for travel deals after they are in bed, then this is a great option.
  • More choices – since you are not limited to just the local agencies, online travel agents can provide much more options regarding the places you can go and the options that would be available once you are there.
  • Better payment options – with all of the agents out there online agencies can offer many types of ways to pay including payment plans, credit card payments, and options for earning points for future trips.

But along with the advantages of having online travel agents, there are also hazards to pay attention to. Here are a few:

  • Scams – although much of what is out there is legitimate there is always the potential of having scam artists pull a fast one on you. Be careful of who you work with and make sure they are the online travel agent is a  legitimate business. Check that they are a registered business in their state as an LLC or Corporation.
  • Less personal attention – if you are looking for the knowledge and insights of a personal travel agent than booking with an online travel agent may seem a little impersonal. You may not know if the travel agent has as much experience as they claim and you won’t get the personal attention that you may desire from a trip agent. Check out a few online travel agents, if you are going to go this route, to see if they can provide the attention you need.

As you can tell there are advantages and disadvantages to working with an online travel agent. Do your research and make sure you feel comfortable with the agent you choose, if you want to go online.

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