Exciting Things to do in Cebu during your holiday trip

Planning on going on a vacation to Cebu soon? If you need help in developing your itinerary of things to do, then you have come to the right place. There are actually a ton of amazing and exciting things to do in Cebu. And if you are going to enjoy your time around the island while you are on vacation, then you have got to try out some of these things.


Visit the terrace flower gardens

terrace flower gardens

If you head up into the Mountains around Cebu, you can get to Terrazas de Flores. This is a terraced flower farm that can be found in Busay. And you can actually take pictures of the beautiful flowers themselves, which are all different colors and species. But the blooming flowers are not the only thing that you can marvel at while you are in Busay. Up in the mountains, you have got a clear view of the city itself, so there is a lot to view whenever you are up there. You can really see beautiful views of the surrounding landscape if you head up on an especially clear and bright day.


Go on a tour of downtown

tour of downtown cebu

There is a historic portion of the city that is home to the oldest buildings around, some of those buildings in downtown Cebu have been standing since the turn of the century. There are also a lot of thrift stores and cheap places where you can visit if you want to shop while you are in downtown Cebu. Plus, there are a lot of hole in the wall restaurants that you have got to try out while you are in downtown Cebu as well.


Eat some Lechon!

Eat some Lechon

Another food trip that you can go on in Cebu is to eat some Lechon. This is a kind of food that is actually a whole roasted pig that tastes very savory. Roasted pig is a traditional dish that is served in big parties and celebrations in the country. Lechon is one of the most famous foods around the Philippines, and it is said that the Lechon from Cebu tastes the best. A list of the famous Lechon restaurants that you should try out is CnT and Rico’s. Those Lechon restaurants have got several different locations that are spread throughout the city of Cebu, so this makes them rather easy to find.


Swim with some whale sharks

Swim with some whale sharks

If you really want to try a once in a lifetime experience while you are in Cebu, you have got to go to the town of Oslob. In this town, you actually have the chance to swim with some of the biggest animals in the world. Whale sharks raise their young near the waters of Oslob. So you can grab the opportunity to swim with these beasts, which you probably will not be able to do anywhere else in the world!


Go canyoneering


For a lot of those thrill seekers out there, you can actually head to one of the waterfalls in Cebu, which is Kawasan falls, to go on a canyoneering run. In this kind of activity, you will get to experience an exciting trek through the many hidden canyons around Cebu. Most of these canyons are located near waterfalls and rivers, so you will actually be trekking through a lot of forested areas. So if you would like to experience Mother Nature up close while you are in Cebu, then you have to go on this kind of canyoneering trip.


Hike up a mountain

Hike up a mountain

Osmeña Peak is a mountain that sits about 1,000 meters above sea level. And this is a mountain climbing trip that is also relatively easy to make. You would not have to go far to reach Osemena peak, as you can reach the base of the mountain if you drive for about several hours outside of the city. Once you reach the top of Oseman Peak, you will see just how worth it the hike up was. There is a lot to take in at the top of this mountain, as you can get a full 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape of the whole island of Cebu. Not to mention you get to breathe in some fresh mountain air while you go on this hike.


Snorkel or go for a dive

Snorkel or go for a dive

There are a ton of marine sanctuaries and coral reefs that you can dive in while you are in Cebu. The beautiful beaches around the island are not only awesome places to go swimming, you can snorkel in them as well. There are several places that you can dive around Mactan island. But one of the more famous places that you can go to for diving or snorkeling is the town of Moalboal. This is a place that has got really great coral reefs full of marine life. You can get to swim up close with various species of tropical fish if you decide to go snorkeling here. Some of the fish that you can get to see are Lionfish and even a big sunfish or two.


Ride a jet ski or go paragliding

Ride a jet ski or go paragliding

If you need something more exciting to do in the water, then there are also a lot of beach resorts around Mactan that would allow you to rent a jet ski or even go paragliding behind a speedboat. This is one of the more thrilling things to do in Cebu. And if you have never tried out this kind of water sport before, then you really have to try it out in Cebu. The gorgeous tropical waters of Cebu’s beaches are the best places to try out or learn how to ride a jet ski!


These are just some of the exciting things to do in Cebu. If you are ever going to plan a vacation to the Philippines or to Cebu specifically, you must try out some of the things on this list, if you would actually want to truly experience what Cebu has got to offer in terms of entertainment. And the best part about these activities is that they are all affordable, you will not have to break the bank to have the most fun while you are in Cebu.

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